I checked out 100ASA and after perusing a bit I found that I was a little turned off the by 'points' system, but whatever, that's kind of like 'LIKES' and 'Followers' isn't it? What really bothered me is that it looks and feels fantastically like PHOTO.NET. Which I used a century ago when I first started posting images online. The look there and here (100ASA) is one of super polished Photoshop files that all end up looking alike. It's funny in a strange way but looking through a couple hundred of these pictures on 100ASA made me really appreciate the common-ness of IG. I'm sorry but I really don't care for 100ASA and doubt I'll pursue it any further than I spent with it last night. Thanks for the heads up though.

Finally, I had a surge of inspiration this morning and looked up a photographer on IG who's work I haven't seen for quite a while. Shigayasu Gushima. He must have lost his previous account as this new one has only 23 followers - myself included. Anyway, he's got an amazing eye and every other sensibility that goes along with fine photography. To top it off he photographs a lot of airplanes which I happen to know we are both enjoy.


Cheers man,


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I was only suggesting that there is already another platform that is focused on images (well, and other types of media) that is far superior to Instagram. Haven't heard about the one you named.

That said, what everyone seems to forget with social media is that someone has to pay for it. Typically by having ads foisted upon us (targeted or otherwise). Those computers don't run for free. I'm waiting for someone to figure out that we can either pay for membership (because it has value) or something unpleasant will ultimately happen.

I could be wrong, of course.

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Um, Vero?

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