Oh geesh, the Maxell tapes, the iconic blown away image. I worked in a record store for a bit and we changed displays I snagged the huge wall poster of that image. I wish I would have taken care of that and hung on to it. I don’t think I realized until this moment the impact that image probably had on me.

When I was a teenager my world opened up when I got a dual tape deck and I would splice in sounds/music together with other inputs, like adding in crowd noise to music to make my own live tapes for shows I would never be able to see. Or taking parts of songs and mashing them up with other to make my favorite parts of songs into one long song. It wasn’t perfect but for the tools I had it was great.

What a memory, thank you.

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Funny how we both wrote about music at roughly the same time. I swear you're in my head! I made a video for my YouTube channel talking about how I chose Music as my theme for 2023. And this morning I got to sample a lot of music on Bandcamp through your writing!

I quoted your Iteration in my morning pages this morning. I'll see if I can link you when I post it so that you get a notification.

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Thanks for the band camp link; discovering all kinds of great music!

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