Hi Jeffery,

Before I kick off, I'm sure you have heard this a bit recently but thanks to you and Bill for letting us back into the OTP conversations. I never unsubscribed, not out of laziness but more a case of reluctance to sever the link to that time and the community.

Signal to bandwidth is probably the key factor for me in choosing a podcast. Like you, I'm well aware of the passage of time and need to squeeze as much juice from it as I can. I break that down further into two categories;

- runs the background while I do other things and I can tune in or out as needed.

- dedicated listening with note taking, as part of my commute but with working from home and more recently, semi retirement, this has become less structured.

I want to pick up on the thread of moving away from speaking with "creatives". I see myself more as a maker, although I have had formal training in the arts, and spent 13 year working for Kodak, I never really held a creative job until I became a digital restorer in the mid 90's. For me the creativity was in solving various problems/obstacles to done as they presented themselves. That seems to be a recurring theme for you too, the main difference being my source of problems was more external and there were often options to defer or delegate.

I wonder if those individual approaches to doing/making could be a theme for you to explore in future conversations?

Whatever you do, I will be sure to listen intently.


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I love these talks you do. I'm new to listening to podcasts so have little experience but while the written works are great, listening to you adds that connection of it being you almost having a ( one sided admittedly ) conversation.

You seem to always have so many ideas and work in progress and while I'm a mere clicker of camera buttons do find the creative side of all your work inspiring. Please do keep doing what pleases you though. Keith

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Really like this, especially the part where you say: 'My approach to podcasting is not about chasing down the biggest name or the latest influencer in order to draft off of their audience.' I have a podcast but I only post when I find someone interesting (and they are usually not that well known) and I have the time. No schedule. People seem to love it, and don't mind waiting months sometimes in order to hear a great episode, instead of cookie-cutter churn. 200K downloads with zero strategy or schedule other than passionate curiosity, kinda speaks for itself. And I will never accept ads or product placements!

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Hi Jeffery. My favorite podcasts were On Taking Pictures and The Angry Millennial. On OTP, I especially liked when you and Bill talked about things that weren't necessarily specific to photography, but more about mindset or process or even just the "day to day" -- things that could apply to any creative endeavor.

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