In 2013 ESR, a famous software developer, wrote a blog post noting how keyboards are not and should not be considered as a detail for anyone doing any amount of work on a computer. Indeed, anyone who ever writes on a buckling spring or even your usual "mechanical" keyboard will confirm this - they can actually significantly improve your overall wellbeing.

In photography, I truly believe that your camera choice will impact your mindset which in turn impacts the work you produce. I take different pictures with my leica than I do with my rolleiflex. You _can_ take amazing images regardless of the camera, but the right camera just makes it that much more enjoyable and puts you in a better mood for the lack of the better word.

Similar thing goes for writing, I guess. Even within fountain pens, my writing is so subtly different when using my fine pilot 823 vs using a custom ground pilot nib which is much slower to write with. Can you write a novel with a bic? You sure can, but you're not going to have as much fun with it.

So to answer your question in a roundabout way, I think the answer is a matter of priority. If I was in a portrait phase, I would put 500cm over Rolleiflex any day. But as a general tool, I prefer the latter.

With that in mind, a few items without which I'd be genuinely upset:

1. Pilot 823 in fine on midori paper

2. Ergodox keyboard with cherry switches

3. Rolleiflex TLR and Leica rangefinders

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"...enjoyable and puts you in a better mood"

100% and this is why my Nikon F100 sits on the shelf. I've made some of my favorite images with that camera and it can almost keep up with my 2 and 5 year old boys as they run around. But I don't enjoy holding it... I don't enjoy looking at it the way I enjoy the F3 or a 500cm. My XT4 is nice and pretty close to bridging that analog mechanical gap, but not quite there. It's great for the marketing agency work I do, but it's overload for my personal work. I think it might have TOO MANY options for the personal stuff.

I recently picked up a Leica Q-P and I think I may have found that perfect balance for me. Where image quality, the enjoyability of use, and nice to hold categories mark really high in my book.

*TWSBI ECO Stub w/Birmingham Kier Refinery Petroleum

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I have recently fallen in love with mechanical keyboards. I like feeling like I am typing.

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I love learning terms that explain what's going on in my head. Sensory seeker explains so much. So when I discovered what misophonia was, I felt an odd peace come over me, knowing that I wasn't just weird.

Tools are such an integral part of daily life that I could go on for days about them. I, too, don't care for writing on the iPad, even with the Paperlike screen protector. Not only is the physical feeling of writing missing, but I also spend too much time fiddling with the app.

But I also think the tool(s) we use are a reflection of maybe mood, task, or environment. For example, I have become a fan of journaling in the Zequez Classic 360 journal (Austin Kleon). I typically use a Pilot G2 07 pen over one of my fountain pens primarily for ease and replaceability. I think, over time, I have bent the knee to practicality. I can buy a new pen anywhere rather than worry about running out of ink.

Cameras are more specific. If I feel experimental and what to play with exposure and film simulations, I grab the Fuji X100v. If I have time and what to slow down, I grab a film camera. The process is a massive element for me, so much so that I enjoy making more than the result.

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